No matter how much you love someone....

It can be challenging to live together, share finances, responsibility for children and to stay harmonious under the effects of stress.

Premarital Coaching

I now offer Premarital Coaching. This coaching process is primarily based upon a detailed report obtained through taking The RELATionship Evaluation Questionnaire through the non-Profit organization, The RELATE Institute. Working with a non-Profit makes the process Very Affordable. Modern technology and state of the art psychological tools make it easy to evaluate your respective personalities to help determine areas where you are compatible, and to also highlight areas that might present a challenge. This assessment uses advanced science to zero in on the personality factors that are affecting your lives together. ​ The Ancient Greeks famously used to say,” Know Thyself”. It is important in a relationship of course, to not only know yourself but to also to know your mate. The assessment may be taken online from the privacy and security of your own home. You will receive a personalized, 20-page report that shows your strengths as well as areas that need improvement as a relationship partner. After obtaining the results from the questionnaire, we will schedule a time for the three of us to get together to go over the results in the report. During this session, you will both learn a lot about yourself and your partner, which will inform your ability to live together in love and harmony.
I will also offer my advice based my experience as an Ordained Interfaith Minister and my accumulated 35 years of being married.

About Relate Institute

The Relate Institute has helped tens of thousands of couples and individuals improve their ability to find success as relationship partners.

The Relate Institute is a not-for-profit organization that revolves around the aim of distributing the Relate Assessment to as many couples and individuals as we can reach.  We believe that all may benefit from assessing personal strengths and weaknesses as relationship partners, and work to help make relationship success a reality.

The Relate Institute boasts over 30 years of experience in marriage education. Our relationship assessment is the most comprehensive relationship questionnaire in the world.

The assessment measures these ten Aspects of Relationship Success:

  • Kindness & Flexibility
  • Emotional Readiness
  • Family Background
  • Relationship Quality
  • Relationship Effort
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexuality
  • Relational Aggression
  • Attachment

The results are communicated through a bar graph which gives measurements in three levels for each trait:

  • Strength
  • Needs Improvement
  • Challenge

Here's how it works:

Once you let us know that you want to move forward with the coaching process, we will send you an online Agreement/Contract which will have a link for sending payment of fees. Once the agreement is signed and the payment received, we will send you a coupon code and a link that will allow you to go to the RELATE website to take the questionnaire. Once the results are in, we will schedule a one hour session to go over and discuss the report.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.
You must be totally satisfied with the value of your coaching session, or your total fee will be refunded without question.

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