A photo of a Bride and Groom saying "I do" on their Wedding Day at Vista Ranch and Cellars Merced CA
Bride and Groom saying "I do"

The California Wedding Officiant Story

Several years ago, my young niece, Julia, called me up to tell me that she was engaged to a fine young man named Mason. She also told me that she was planning her wedding and she didn't have anyone to be the officiant. She needed someone knowledgeable and responsible. She demanded someone who would listen to her needs and desires, and she wanted someone that understood her emotional requirements and spiritual views. As you have probably guessed by now, she ended up asking me to consider being the officiant. I was, of course, very honored and excited but also apprehensive about being chosen for such a weighty responsibility.

I immediately got to work planning how I would accomplish all of her goals and help her be relaxed and joyous on what should be the happiest day of her life. First, I investigated how to become an ordained minister so that I could legally officiate a wedding. Second, I watched many videos of other people's weddings to get some ideas about how it should go. Third, I researched ceremony ideas online to inspire my creativity. Finally, Julia and I had phone conversations and in-person meetings to brainstorm and finalize all the details. All this time, I sincerely thought that it would most likely be the only wedding I would ever conduct. When I got to the end, however, and I said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife," I experienced the most incredible sensations of joy and excitement. I felt goosebumps on my arms and tingles in my spine. The only thought that kept recurring in my mind was, "I can't wait to do this again." Several members of both sides of the family made a point of letting me know that they thought I had done a stellar job with the ceremony, which got me thinking about pursuing it as a hobby or side business. I remember telling my wife that I had a goal of conducting ten or twelve ceremonies in my first year. I thought that that number would not be too difficult for me. However, at the end of my first year, I totaled them up on a spreadsheet, and there had been almost sixty ceremonies. Wow! Nobody was more surprised than me. Since that time, I have, of course, officiated for hundreds of couples that needed someone to step in and help them out. Contact me if you need someone with lots of experience overcoming obstacles to craft and deliver the perfect ceremony for you.

Our Approach

My Approach

"I receive much joy from helping couples start their new life together. I enjoy the happy glow of love on the faces of the couple to be married, and the look of happiness on those of their friends and family.  According to many, the joy that I feel shows through in my ceremonies.

Our Story

What is a "Wedding Officiant"?

In the state of California, an approved organization ordains a Wedding Officiant. They are authorized by the state to conduct officially recognized wedding ceremonies formally and to certify the marriage license. They will perform the service, which solemnizes your relationship, legally and emotionally.

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