A photo of a Bride and Groom saying "I do" on their Wedding Day at Vista Ranch and Cellars Merced CA
Bride and Groom saying "I do"

The California Wedding Officiant Story

A few years ago, it was an honor and a privilege to be asked by my niece Julia if I would perform the wedding ceremony for her, and her fiancé Mason. I was thrilled and excited to do it, but frankly, also a little scared. Afterward, I felt a great sense of happiness in having been part of such an auspicious occasion. It was an emotional thrill ride, and I couldn’t wait to do it again. During the reception, many people from both sides of the family told me what an excellent job I had done, and were incredulous that it had been my first time.

That experience got me thinking. So, I did some research, and it turns out that there is quite a need for professional wedding officiants. I soon launched "California Wedding Officiant" and have been so happy that I did.

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My Approach

Andrew says; "I receive much joy from helping couples start their new life together. I enjoy the happy glow of love on the faces of the couple to be married, and the look of happiness on those of their friends and family.  According to many, the joy that I feel shows through in my ceremonies.

What is a "Wedding Officiant"?

In the state of California, an approved organization ordains a Wedding Officiant. They are authorized by the state to conduct officially recognized wedding ceremonies formally and to certify the marriage license. They will perform the service, which solemnizes your relationship, legally and emotionally.

A photo of Andrew Allen Ordained Interfaith Minister

Andrew Allen

Founder of California Wedding Officiant

As a young man, I started off following in the footsteps of my father in the glass and window industry. I spent time as a glazier and later as an estimator.

In the early ’90s, I was recruited into the insurance industry and spent time as an agent before realizing I was better suited as an adjuster due to my home improvement background.

In the late ’90s, I was drawn into the allure of the dot-com era and was involved in corporate sales of information technology. When, alas, the dot-com boom became a bust, and the September 11th attacks in New York caused me to reevaluate my perspective on life, I entered a period of self-reflection and spiritual growth.

I became fascinated with alternative methods of healing and spiritual practices in India and China. I also began training in Japanese martial arts and studying and teaching yoga and meditation.

I have also been a would-be musician all my life dabbling with guitar, bass, and more recently Indian percussion.

These life experiences have prepared me to be an accomplished ordained minister and enabled me to conduct a wedding ceremony of which you and your guests will be proud.

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