Multi-Cultural Wedding Ceremonies

One of the things that I enjoy, and has turned out to be somewhat of a specialty, is multi-cultural weddings. We have such a diverse population here in the San Francisco Bay Area and, indeed, in most of California, that I have many opportunities to work with cultures different than my own. I also get to have fun weaving together aspects of different religions and cultures when the bride and groom are each from different backgrounds.

Chinese Weddings

an image of Chinese Wedding Invitations.
Chinese Wedding Invitations. Photo by Prattflora

I have been blessed and honored to have officiated many weddings for couples from families of Asian heritage. These have been among my most enjoyable and memorable events. I am eager to consult with you in order to accommodate any special requests that honor your roots. I wish you – Double Happiness!


我很荣幸能为来自亚洲传统家庭的新人主持许多婚礼。 这些都是他最有趣,最难忘的事件。 我很想与您协商,以便满足您的特殊需求。



安德魯已經為來自亞洲傳統家庭的夫妻舉行過許多婚禮而感到幸福和榮幸。 這是他最愉快和最難忘的事件之一。 安德魯渴望與您協商,以適應任何有助於尊重根源的特殊要求。


Filipino Weddings

A photo of a couple receiving the cord and veil in a Filipino wedding ceremony the
A couple receiving the cord and veil in a Filipino wedding ceremony at Santa Rosa Country Club – Photo by Valory Evalyn

During my years of experience as a Wedding Officiant, I have become familiar with the wedding rituals and traditions of the Philippines, such as the cord, the veil, the unity candle, and the Aras or coins. I would be happy to consult with you to meet the needs of your family’s cultural customs.

Jewish Weddings

A photo of a Groom stomping on the glass during a Jewish Interfaith Wedding
A Groom stomping on the glass during a Jewish Interfaith Wedding at Murrieta’s Well in Livermore – Photo by Adam & Hanna

Although I am not a Rabbi, I have worked with many couples wanting to incorporate Jewish traditions into their service. Are you and your partner wanting to stand under a Chuppah, Stomp on a glass and have your guests shout Mazel Tov!? If so, I would love to be your officiant. I also have had delightful experiences weaving together Jewish and Christian traditions together in the same ceremony.

Indian Hindu Weddings (Vivaha विवाह)

A photo of a couple getting married in an Indian wedding
A couple getting married in an Indian wedding – Photographer Brandon Scott

I have been so fortunate to be part of a handful of Indian Hindu Weddings. Typically, the family has a pandit or purohit recite the ancient rites in Sanskrit, and then I take over and conduct a western-style ceremony and complete the marriage license. If you are planning on performing the seven steps (satapadi सप्तपदी) under a mandap, and need an officiant, I would love to work with you. If one of you is Hindu and the other of a different background, I can guide you in weaving the different traditions together.

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