Unity Sand Ceremony

Many couples are choosing to include a Unity Ceremony in their “Big Day. The Unity Candle ceremony, while classic and traditional, does not work well outdoors. Any little puff of breeze will extinguish the flame. There are several trendy alternatives, but the Sand Ceremony is the most popular.

A photo of an Hourglass Sand Ceremony kit
Hourglass Sand Ceremony
photography by www.kolosokproduction.com

The idea is that you have one larger empty vessel and two smaller vessels. You will fill the smaller containers with colored art sand that will complement your wedding palette.

A photo of the ingredients used in a Unity Sand Ceremony
Basic ingredients used in a Unity Sand Ceremony
Photo by Scott Campbell scottcampbellphoto.com

While the officiant is reciting beautiful words about the two spirits coming together and becoming one, the couple simultaneously pours the sand into the larger receptacle.

“Watch as the grains of sand mix together, forming one structure. So too, today, have your two spirits come together to form one singular entity”

A photo of a couple pouring the sand into the larger vessel during a Unity Sand Ceremony.
A couple pouring the sand.
Photo by Dorean Burgess doreanrayephotography@gmail.com

A variation is the Family Sand Ceremony. When the engaged couple is blending their children into a new family, it’s a great way to involve the youngsters in the ceremony. In addition to the couple, the kids also pour the sand into the common vessel.

A photo of children participating in the Family Sand Ceremony by pouring sand in the vessel
Children participating in the Family Sand Ceremony.
Photo by Jasmine Nakasone www.jasminenakasonephotography.com
A delightful video of how to incorporate a Unity Sand Ceremony into your Wedding Day

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