Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony

Like many modern couples, you may want a Non-Religious wedding ceremony. You don’t need a god or deity to consecrate your relationship; your own two hearts will do that. As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, I have officiated many Non-Religious Wedding Ceremonies. In a Non-Religious Wedding ceremony, verses from a religious text get replaced by secular quotes from people admired by the couple. A wedding ceremony doesn’t have to have a religious context to be joyous, touching, and heartwarming. In place of an opening prayer, I typically will recite an optional non-religious but spiritual invocation near the beginning of the service.

A photo of the groom putting the ring on his bride during the wedding ceremony
A groom putting the ring on his bride.
Photo by Maria Villano Photography –

A Spiritual or Non-Religious Wedding can even include and carry forward family and cultural traditions. I have conducted weddings that were culturally Jewish, Filipino, and Indian, but non-religious.

A photo of a couple celebrating their union
A couple celebrating their union
Photo by Ari Simphoukham

One of the common reasons that couples choose a secular ceremony is because they come from different religious backgrounds, and they don’t want to deal with the complications of intertwining their respective traditions.

A photo of a couple saying "I do" to the wedding vows
A couple saying “I do”
Photo by Laura Parker – Fairy Tale Photography –

A Secular Wedding doesn’t have to be the same as a Civil wedding. A wedding conducted by a government agency can be dry, lacking in emotional content. A Non-Religious wedding ceremony performed by a professional officiant can be every bit as uplifting and compelling as a religious one.

A photo of a couple experiencing their first kiss at their wedding.
First Kiss
Photo by Brandon Scott

One of the things that I like to do to make the ceremony personal and exciting for the guests is to include the couple’s own Love Story. Everyone’s story is unique and special. There is often one small detail that if it had been different, the couple would never be together at all.

A photo of a couple having an Elopement in the Redwoods
Elopement in the Redwoods – Redwood Regional Park in Oakland CA

Non-Religious weddings can be just as emotional, inspiring, and powerful as a pious one.

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