Wedding Ceremony Script Composition

Do you need a wedding ceremony script composition for your friend or relative to recite at your wedding? Numerous couples today decide to “DIY It,” and have a close friend or relative officiate their wedding. Some will get deputized for the day by the County Clerk, while others opt for online ordination. That is actually how I originally got into this profession. I started by officiating my niece’s wedding and loved it so much I decided to do more. Now that I have hundreds of weddings behind me, when I look back, I wish I could go back and have a “do-over” for my niece’s wedding.

A photo of a Bride reciting her vows during the ceremony at Vista Ranch and Cellars Merced CA
A bride reading personal wedding vows
Photo by Anthony Corbin

If you have decided that you want someone that you love and trust to conduct your ceremony, but would appreciate some professional assistance as well, I can help.  Your close friend or relative may love you very much, but not have any idea on how to officiate a wedding. I have been both a relative and a professional, so I have a unique perspective. I will meet with you to help you to craft your wedding ceremony script for your loved one to recite. I will speak to them and offer some guidance about delivering the speech. I will also consult with them about the ins and outs of filing the essential legal paperwork.

A photo of The officiant with the couple standing under a cedar tree after the wedding
A photo of the officiant with the couple
Photo by Brandon Scott

Here are some of the pros and cons of that big decision.

Reasons to choose a Friend or Relative.
  • They know you well and care about you very much.
  • They probably won’t charge you a fee.
  • It makes the ceremony more personal.
Reasons to choose a Professional Officiant.
  • They won’t go “off script” and say something embarrassing.
  • They know how to work with the other professionals on your team. (Photographers, Videographers, Coordinators and Deejays, etc.)
  • They know how to complete the crucial legal paperwork and will make sure that it gets submitted correctly and on time.
  • By hiring a professional, you ensure that the intended friend or family member will be able to relax and enjoy the event and not have to feel like they are “working.”
  • There is a very high rate of friend/relative officiants getting “cold feet” and backing out at the last minute. (Trust me, I get those calls all the time.)
  • There could be some embarrassment over having to tell your friend/relative that you don’t like the ceremony script that they composed. With a professional, there is no awkwardness.
  • They are experienced and know what to expect. (If you needed heart surgery, would you choose someone who cares about you or someone who has done it a hundred times.)
  • Some states make it very difficult to have a friend/relative officiate legally.
A photo of the Officiant with the couple on the second floor balcony in San Francisco City Hall
The Officiant with a couple in San Francisco City Hall
Photo by Scott and Dana Halvorson

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